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We believe in the power of words to open doors, capture ideas, solve problems, and provoke action.  Great writing constructs thought out of air.  It builds structures out of observations, evidence, and argument and invites readers in to inhabit these spaces as their own.  It is both road map and provocateur.  It is sustainable, immutable, and foundational. It is a declaration of the self.  Learning to wield that power effectively is the challenge.  Harkletter Academic Editing is your solution.


Academic editing specialists, we work with faculty and students to improve their writing and advance to where they want to go.


Scholarly Monographs

We collaborate with first-time authors attempting to transform dissertations into book contracts and second- and third-time authors working on their next great book.


College Application Essays

We advise aspiring students engaged in crafting their college and graduate school application essays.


Grant Applications

We help individuals translate their work, ideas, and motivations into powerful personal statements.


English as a Second Language

We work closely with academic authors for whom English is a second language to strengthen and polish their work.


Beyond Academia

We assist academic authors interested in reaching a broader audience.

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