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Founder and Principal Tisha Hooks, Ph.D., has over twenty years of experience helping writers find their words and fine-tune their ideas. She earned her doctorate in American Studies from Yale University.  She is also a former writing tutor for Saybrook College at Yale, and a former writing partner at the Yale College Writing Center. 


Prior to attending graduate school, she was an acquisitions editor at Beacon Press in Boston. While there, she worked with a number of well-known and award-winning authors.  She has completed both the Radcliffe Publishing Course (now the Columbia Publishing Course) and the Stanford Publishing Course for Professionals. Harkletter is her passion project. 



I've always understood the role of the editor to be that of the first outside reader, a translator of confused prose, the one who cheers what’s working, notes what isn’t, and then suggests a way to go about fixing it. 


Writing is hard.  Writing for a submission date, tenure, a chance at a grant, or spot at a dream college is even harder. And so, it was important to me to establish an organization that celebrated the playful joy of creativity and mastery—as if one were learning one’s ABC's again.  Equally important was the idea that one’s words be effective.  We write to be heard.  Harkletter is an attempt to bridge these two ideas in support of the success of academic writers.  We'd love to help you.




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