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Our goal is to help you not only present yourself and your ideas in the best possible manner, but also to help you emerge as a better writer in the process.  We do some light copyediting for grammatical errors and consistency.  However, our editorial approach is primarily substantive and stylistic. 


We work to improve structure and organization, refine arguments, clarify meaning, and polish language in the service of your unique writing voice.  So, for example, if you’re transfiguring your dissertation into a monograph, we help you hone your reasoning and make your work more accessible.  And we can assist you in crafting a marketable book proposal.  If you’re undertaking that college or grant application essay, we advise you on how to create targeted and effective personal statements. We help you stand out on the page.


We offer our writers:


  • supportive one-on-one consultations

  • responsive developmental editing

  • useful tactics for addressing structural issues and improving organization

  • thorough editorial letters outlining suggestions, changes, and queries

  • additional opportunities to discuss any questions garnered by the edits with the editor

  • key strategies for appealing to an audience, be it a publisher, selection committee, or general reader

  • individualized assistance negotiating English grammar for those for whom English is a second language










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