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Interview: Beacon Press Executive Editor Amy Caldwell

The publishing process is often a mystery—particularly the first time around. The same is true for those who have published previously, but nowmay be trying to reach a broader audience. So, periodically we’ll feature interviews with editors and other publishing and academic professionals about their respective press profiles; what they look for in a project; and how to put together an effective proposal.

Inaugurating the series is a conversation I had with Amy Caldwell, an executive editor at Beacon Press, one of the nation's oldest publishing houses. Caldwell acquires books in religion, science and society, and narrative nonfiction. Some of her more recent titles include, The Only Woman in the Room: Why Science is Still a Boy’s Club by Eileen Pollack; The Good Death: An Exploration of Dying in America by Ann Neumann; and The Upstairs Wife: An Intimate History of Pakistan by Rafia Zakaria. In the Harkletter Podcast featured below, Caldwell shares her expertise on how to successfully approach the publishing process, especially when attempting to reach an audience that extends beyond academia.


(If you're having trouble accessing the podcast here, please go to the Harkletter Podcast website. Also, stay tuned for our future iTunes debut and button below. Thanks to all our listeners! And let us know what you're interested in learning more about for future podcasts and posts.)

Introduction 00:11.344

Publisher’s Profile 00:57.500

Audience 02:23.845

Types of Authors 03:57.785

Types of Proposals 04:28.406

Book Ideas That Are Right for Beacon 05:30.594

What Happens When You Submit Your Work 07:14.281

Outside Readers 09:40.344

How Beacon Editors Edit 10:38.719

Marketing and Editorial Platforms Authors 12:42.719

Should Think About

Editorial Advice for Submissions 16:23:437

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